Bryanston Primary School (bryanston primary)

Bryanston Primary School

Bryanston Primary School is one of the top schools in Johannesburg, South Africa. It has a reputation for academic excellence and is known for its rigorous curriculum. The school is also well-respected for its commitment to extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and drama. Bryanston Primary is an ideal choice for families looking for a high-quality education for their children.


Where is Bryanston Primary located

Bryanston Primary is located in the heart of Bryanston, Johannesburg. The school is situated on a beautiful, tree-lined street and is within walking distance of many amenities. The school grounds are large and well-maintained, with a playground and swimming pool for the children to enjoy. The classrooms are spacious and airy, and the teachers are all highly qualified and experienced. Bryanston Primary is a happy and thriving school, with a strong sense of community.


How many students attend Bryanston Primary

Bryanston Primary is a top-notch school that provides quality education to its students. The school has a rich tradition of excellence and a strong commitment to academic success. As such, Bryanston Primary attracts many students from all over the world. The school currently enrolls over 1,600 students in grades kindergarten through 12th.


What is the history of Bryanston Primary

Bryanston Primary is a school located in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa. It was founded in 1953 as a co-educational primary school. The school originally had two campuses, one for junior primary and one for senior primary. In 1988, the senior primary campus relocated to Sunninghill and the junior primary campus became a pre-primary school. In 2001, the pre-primary school relocated to Fourways. Bryanston Primary is now a fully inclusive school catering for children from Grade R to 7.

The school has always been committed to providing a quality education for all its pupils. Over the years, it has developed a reputation for academic excellence and for producing well-rounded young people who are able to take their place in society as confident and responsible citizens.

Bryanston Primary is proud of its history and tradition of excellence. The school has produced many successful alumni who have gone on to make their mark in the world. These include business leaders, politicians, artists, athletes and scientists.


Who are the current staff members of Bryanston Primary

The current staff members of Bryanston Primary are:

-Ms. Jackie Walters (Principal)
-Mr. David Miller (Assistant Principal)
-Ms. Sarah Jones (Grade 1 Teacher)
-Ms. Emily Brown (Grade 2 Teacher)
-Ms. Jenna Smith (Grade 3/4 Teacher)
-Ms. Stephanie Garcia (Grade 5/6 Teacher)
-Mr. Greg Wilkinson (Physical Education Teacher)
-Ms. Linda Mitchell (Music Teacher)
-Ms. Rachel Johnson (Art Teacher)
-Mr. James Nguyen (Spanish Teacher)


What facilities does Bryanston Primary have

Bryanston Primary is a school located in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa. The school has approximately 1,200 pupils from grades R to 7. The school is divided into three main sections: the Foundation Phase (grades R to 3), the Intermediate Phase (grades 4 to 6) and the Senior Phase (grade 7). Each section has its own unique facilities and resources.

The Foundation Phase has purpose-built classrooms, a library, an Early Childhood Development Centre, a multi-purpose hall and a swimming pool. The Intermediate Phase has specialist classrooms for music, art and drama, as well as a computer laboratory, a library and a multi-purpose hall. The Senior Phase has science laboratories, a design and technology workshop, a language laboratory, a library and a multi-purpose hall.

In addition to these facilities, Bryanston Primary also has a school clinic, a canteen and a tuck shop. There is also a large playing field where pupils can take part in a variety of sporting activities.


What is the admissions policy of Bryanston Primary

The admissions policy of Bryanston Primary is that we welcome applications from all families. We are a non-selective school and do not discriminate on the basis of ability, background or any other factor. We believe that every child has the right to a quality education and we will do everything in our power to ensure that they receive it. We also believe that every family should have the opportunity to choose the school that best meets their needs and we will always work hard to ensure that Bryanston Primary is that school.


What extra-curricular activities does Bryanston Primary offer

Bryanston Primary offers a variety of extra-curricular activities for students to enjoy. These activities include sports, clubs, and other activities that students can participate in.

Sports teams at Bryanston Primary include soccer, netball, cricket, and tennis. There are also a number of clubs that students can join, such as the drama club, art club, and chess club. Other activities that are offered include a variety of different camps that are held throughout the year.

These extra-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to socialize with other students, learn new skills, and have fun. They are an important part of the school experience and help to create a well-rounded education for Bryanston Primary students.


What are the results of the most recent Ofsted inspection of Bryanston Primary

The most recent Ofsted inspection of Bryanston Primary found that the school was doing an excellent job in preparing its students for the future. The inspectors praised the school’s curriculum and teaching methods, and said that the students were making great progress. They also noted that the school had a very positive and supportive atmosphere.


How do I contact Bryanston Primary

If you need to contact Bryanston Primary, the best way to do so is by email. You can find our email address on the Contact Us page of our website.


Is there a website for Bryanston Primary

There is no official website for Bryanston Primary, but there is an unofficial website that has been created by a parent. This website has information about the school, including contact details, a map, and term dates. It also has a blog where parents can share their experiences of the school.